Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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"Friedeyes Rhun" is under construction

Friedeyes Rhun has been integrated into Friedeyes

You can get to Rhun from the Athkatla docks. Book passage to the Island of Rhun.

"Friedeyes Rhun" is an offshoot of Friedeyes. It was originally a hold over while we built Friedeyes (so we'd have something to play). Over the years we modified it by taking out random loot drops, re-spawn and added a location save. We've re-made many of our favorite quests to be more challenging.

The Rhun we played was from the vault; it had about 446 areas and it required no hak packs. At it's present state, many areas remain empty. There are no sub races, and it's been paired down to a little over 330 areas.

We had originally intended to scrap Rhun when Friedeyes went public, but we got so used to it, we've decided to continue working on it.

All the rules from Friedeyes are in effect. It's a role-play PW: Persistent World