Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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Guild Information

Guilds are an important part of Friedeyes. There are currently three Guilds; The Flaming Fist, Cowled Wizards, and The Thieves Guild.

Entrance and Member Rules:

The Flaming Fist; Any non Evil alignments.

Cowled Wizards; Any non Good alignments. (It seems right that the leader of this guild should be a wizard)

The Thieves Guild, Any non Good alignments.

Most guild rules are at the leaders discretion.

Entrance runes are free but only the Guild leader has access to them.

Guild port price is set by the mod builders. 10 million GP (basic limit; must be level 21 to buy a port stone). A guild port allows the user to portal to the guild from anywhere in the mod (some areas are blocked from portal use).

If you loot a port or entrance rune, you must either use it immediately or otherwise dispose of it (give to a DM, or return to player is acceptable). You may not keep or carry an enemy's rune or port.

You may not be a member of more than one guild.

Other Guilds can be started by players (ask a DM).