Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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Here's a little more information about Friedeyes.

No forums, stay in character at all times, even when speaking to a DM

We have no (absolutely none) PnP experience. Friedeyes was and has been a LAN mod for years.

The better scrolls, need to be scribed. Blank scrolls are hard to find in large quantities.

Caster Classes are a must, as are Rogues!

You can not Solo play no matter how good you are.

No, single class can do most major quests. Most building is for mixed parties.

Caster Classes are far and beyond the most powerful single class on Friedeyes but they can not advance without the other classes.

Most skills are valuable on Friedeyes. The ones we are not to fond of are the crafting skills. Parry seems to be a waste: i.e. we have never found it good in practice. Ride is not used at all. (Don't put points on ride, it's a waste. We took out Ride, but found other important things got bugged so we put it back in)

Lore is a must on at least one PC in your party or group.

Full Heal potions are very rare. The best healing potions to buy are custom potions; up to 80 points. It's best to have a Cleric with you on quests.

The Rogue Class is extremely important and needed. No mixed class can match or replace a high level Rogue. Rogues are weak fighters, stay hidden!

(Rogues have the highest perma-death rate of any class)

Saves are extremely important.

High DC on doors is a good indicator that trouble is inside. Open at own risk! (i.e. A low level party should not pay a Rogue to unlock the door for them.)

Run when you see a dragon. The easiest weak dragon is too hard for any single player.

Be prepared.

Friedeyes is not a leveling mod. Life does not end at 40, it begins.

Simple how to get started

Your PC starts at Birth. Buy a bow and go to Athkatla. Go south to the crypts. Kill undead while running. Stay away from the fear auras if they have them. Do Not Melee Undead, you will die fast! Don't forget arrows! Also, don't go deep inside. Staying near the door is safer.

Your PC starts at Birth. Buy a melee weapon there and go to Baldur’s Gate. Find the Specialty Shop and buy a Ghostly Visage potion.

Near the BG docks is the Water Queen's lair. The Nymphs are easy to kill after you drink the potion. Stay away from the Queen, you can't kill her; your death is guaranteed. Also keep a keen eye out for the Mephits, hard to kill for the XP, even if you can. Water Nymph robes are very valuable but hard to ID at low level. Pick them all up, and leave before your potion wears off.  FAI, or Friendly Arms Inn is down the east road. There is usually one lore potion for sale there. Also, you can buy boxes and a lesser magic bag there. The BG Potion Shop will buy the robes.

A starting mage can use their familiar to fight Water Nymphs while they stay invisible.

The best advice for new NWN players is to make a Human Fighter. It's very easy to RP (role play) a human since most people are one to begin with. Focusing on a Longsword is a good start. Fighters can use a shield and have good AC. Neutral is a good alignment to start. Avoid Casters, Rogues, Chaotic evil and Lawful Good to start. Those all require experience to play well.

Basic Fighter Weapon Master Build

That's a good build to start with. After you get a little experience you can make some changes.