Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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Friedeyes is a Neverwinter Nights, persistent role-play world based primarily in Faerun. Some cities include, Athkatla, Baldur's Gate and Silverymoon, as well as several small isles.


- October 20, 2011

Site update: Added a screenshots page.

- May 30, 2011

Friedeyes server is up.

- February 24, 2011

Friedeyes server will be down for a while.

- July 4, 2009

Moved mod to a Linux server.

Listed pw in the Role Play section of Game Spy

- June 6, 2009

Added a Player Password system; all players must add a password to log on. Your password is bound to your CD key and "Player Name". You may add (3) three secondary keys if you play on different computers.

Password is 4 to 8 characters

- May 15, 2009:

Friedeyes PW is now in the Tech Support section of Game Spy. It will be upgraded to a faster connection and moved to Role Play very soon. (We hope)