Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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Files Needed to Play on Friedeyes

All players must add a password to log on. Your password is bound to your CD key and "Player Name". You may add (3) three secondary keys if you play on different computers.
Password is 4 to 8 characters.

(Make your password in advance, write it down and put it somewhere safe. Make it something you will remember. It's also case sensitive.)

There are currently twelve (12) hak files and one (1) tlk file needed to play on Friedeyes.

The files are hosted on the NWN Vault. So far, every time I went there, an advertisement popped up. You can get pass them by refreshing the page in your browser.

Files Needed to Play on Friedeyes at the NWN Vault

Download all the files into a folder on your desktop.

We use the 7z file compression for all our files now.  That program also opens zip and rar files so it's good to have.

Put all twelve (12) hak files into your NWN hak folder and the fried.tlk file in the tlk folder. If you don't have one (as is often the case), add the one included to your NWN directory.

We tried to make all the files lower case for Linux users (if any are not, let someone know, if you can).

If you would like to choose an additional voice set at character creation, put the voice override contents into your NWN override directory. Some files need to remain in there at all times since 1.69 update. Make a note of those files first, or even make a copy as a backup. After you make a PC, you should remove the voice override files.

New or non-standard heads can be changed in Birth when you enter the mod. (Any trouble, ask a DM or player!)

If you like music while playing, also download the CMP as directed on the page.