Friedeyes Forgotten Realms Server
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  Password System:

First time players must add a password to the server. Your password is bound to your CD key and "Player Login Name".
Once your first character is created and has arrived in the world, a pixie will guide you through the password procedure. This is a one time request, per Player Login Name.*
You may add (3) three secondary CD keys if you play on different computers.
To edit or change this information use the Emote Orb. Select; Something else; Edit validation information.

Currently, no password retrieval system is available. Please, remember your Password! *You may be requested to insert your password in the event of a new/different CD key.

  Death System: No Re-spawn. Perma-Death

You drop a corpse, a bag next to it with your gear and are ported to the Fugue. You remain in the Fugue until you are raised. You can be raised by any PC with a Raise Dead or Resurrection scroll. You can also be raised by a Cleric with the appropriate spell. Death is persistent through server reboots. Item bags are not persistent. Your corpse will remain until raised, picked up, or destroyed. Corpses are damaged by area effect spells. If destroyed, you are perma-dead (permanently). A corpse can also be bashed by a PC.

A level 35 Cleric may do the appropriate quest to secure an Epic Raise scroll. With a sufficient spell craft roll, a PC may return from Perma-Death. (some limits apply)

You may log on another PC, pick up your body and gear, if no one is available to raise you.

Players suffer a 10% (XP) experience point penalty on death. (capped at 100,000).

Death is highly discouraged; stay alive!

  Magic Bags and other containers:

There is a three (3) container limit per PC. This includes bags and boxes. Players may mule their gear: Make a PC as a mule to hold their extra gear. Three bag limit also applies.

Item Level Restriction (ILR) is in.

True Seeing has been removed from Wizards, Sorcerers and Clerics. It is available as an Artifact. This was done to add value to Hide and Move Silently skills.

Hide in Plain Sight (HIPS) has been removed from player access.

Paladin: Summon Mount has been removed.

PC: Mount Action Menu has been removed. (there is no horse riding)


Weapons drop up to +8 max. (Ranged weapons to a max of +10), (Artifact weapons are a max of +10 and can be upgraded to a max of +19; though that would be rare). No weapon, PC or NPC, exceeds Epic Warding.

There is at least one (1) of each weapon type +8, available as a drop.

  AC Items:

AC items drop up to a max of +10 (Artifact AC items can be upgraded beyond that)

No Random Loot Drops.

Item Property Feats are only available on Artifacts.

Immunities are only available on Artifacts. They do not drop as loot.